Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sweetie Pie's Top Baking Suggestions for Valentine's Day

So, the feast of St Valentine is upon us in a week's time. I have a few ideas of what to make this year to celebrate it, but due to college work, I can't get to a kitchen to bake until Friday the 10th to publish some more ideas.

In the meantime, I have compiled a list of ideas to try from the past few years of my blog for you to try! Here are my 5 top picks for Valentine's day 2017.

1. February Afternoon Tea Party: 3 Recipes!
In 2015, I hosted a series of afternoon tea parties in the community centre where I worked. Each one had a theme, and I did a Valentine's day one. In this blog post, there are 3 recipe ideas, and presentation ideas, also: cupcake rose bouquet, chocolate dipped berries, and heart-decorated millionaire's shortbread.

Although I had originally made this box of chocolates for Christmas, it's perfectly applicable to Valentine's day also. You could make it for your loved one, or for a social gathering. In this post are 8 chocolate ideas and ideas for presentation, but you could make any chocolate you like, even ones from the shop.

3. Ice Cream for Dessert
My blog has many ice-cream ideas, and I decided to make life easier by putting them all here in a list. They all use the 2 ingredient no-churn technique of whipping cream and condensed milk.

4. Cheesecakes
On this blog I also have a few recipes for mini cheesecakes that can be made in cake cases. Check these out for inspiration:

It wouldn't be a party without some booze, right? Here is a recipe inspired by Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur, but without all the nasty dairy that you may not be able to digest.

So there you have it: a little list of things to try this Valentine's day! I will of course be working on new things over the next week.

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