Friday, 7 February 2014

Raspberry Ice-Cream (Egg- and Wheat Free)

A lesser known flavour outside of Germany: raspberry ice-cream (Eis Himbeer)

My next experimentation was with using jam instead of condensed milk to make a fruity flavour. I tried this before with my strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, but through further experimentation I have now realised I could've been waaaaay more generous with the jam. I was fearful of invoking a crystallised texture if I swapped too much of the condensed milk for jam, but once I realised that condensed milk and jam contain the same amount of sugar per 100 millilitres, I realised that they pretty much will serve the same function.

This ice-cream has a nice punchy raspberry flavour without compromising on texture.

☑ Soya (check for soya lecithin)
☑ Yeast
☑ Gluten
☑ Wheat
☑ Eggs
☑ Nuts

☒ Dairy
☒ Refined sugar products

  • 8 fluid ounces (225 millilitres, 1 US cup) whipping cream, 35%-40% fat content
  • 3 fluid ounces (85 millilitres, ¼ US cup) condensed milk
  • 3 fluid ounces (85 millilitres, ½ US cup) strawberry jam
  • Pinch of salt

  • In a large mixing bowl, pour the condensed milk. Add the jam and salt and mix well. 
  • Pour in the cream, while stirring, then stir until it is all combined.
  • Using an electric hand mixer, whisk until it is light and a soft-peak consistency. You want to to look and feel like a mousse, basically.
  • Pour into a one-pint (560 millilitre, 2½ US cup) pudding mould with a lid (or you can use a loaf tin and cover with cling film) and smooth out the surface. Cover and freeze for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Allow to temper for about 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Serve as a sundae with syrups, sprinkles and other nice things, on its own, or with cake.

  • For even more tang, you can replace 2 fluid ounces (55 millilitres) of whipping cream with cream cheese. It makes it even denser, too.

Raspberry desserts don't tend to be as baby pink as their strawberry counterparts, their tone is more muted and purple-ish. If you want proper pinkness, you can add a few drops of food colouring.

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