Monday, 7 July 2014

Variation on a Theme: Chocolate Fudge

I do so love fudge. In my last post I made Scots tablet, which is a nice crumbly grainy sweet, but today I went for the more traditional approach, and made it into every woman's best friend by adding some cocoa powder, nom!

I used my basic soft fudge recipe, but added 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder at the beginning to make it nice and chocolatey. You could also add a 2 ounce (55 grammes) block of dark chocolate at the beginning too and let it melt into the milk.

I've found over time that there's not need to add the sugar after the milk, cream and butter, it works just as well if you add everything to the pot at the start and just cook it all together.

This is how deliciously sleek and amazing it looked when I poured it into the tin. As you can see, it's still glossy, but it's opaque. This is the kind of consistency I talk about when I mean creamy, thick and opaque in my posts about the various kind of beaten sweets I make.

Generally when the fudge it set, I tend to cut it into pieces and allow each piece to set and crust on the outside before storing, like one you freeze you cakes individually before freezing all together. It stops them from clumping in storage.

Have some more gratuitously artsy and #fdporn photographs for the road. You're welcome.

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