Monday, 14 July 2014

How NOT to Make Pistachio Ice-Cream: Another Failure

So a few posts ago I did some experimentation with hazelnut ice-cream and decided to try pistachio ice-cream.

Thinking that my method was sound and that my overwhipped the cream was the thing that caused it to fail, I repeat the exact same method but this time with pistachios. I added 3 ounces (85 grammes) each of ground toasted

pistachios and icing sugar to 8 fluid ounces (230 millilitres) of whipping cream and beat then together until light and fluffy, as is the usual method of making no churn ice-cream.

As it turns out, it wasn't just the overwhipping part that was wrong, the whole recipe itself doesn't work. It leads to a rock hard, crumbly and mostly unpleasant product that is a far cry from anything I have successfully made so far using the cream and condensed milk version.

I supposed I strayed from the condensed milk road thinking that using only nuts and a little sugar would make a really flavourful ice-cream, but I've now come to realise just how integral the condensed milk is to the process in keeping it soft enough to serve. Lesson learnt for real this time.

I think the next time I make a nut ice-cream I'll just add powdered nuts to the cream and condensed milk mixture, even if the flavour isn't as intense.

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