Monday, 8 July 2013

My Search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Continues

For about 4 months, I have been experimenting with many different recipes and methods for making American style chocolate ship cookies. To me, the ideal chocolate chip cookie is should be thick enough but flat -- not puffy -- having spread from a ball into a perfect round during cooking; it should be crispy around the edges, but chewy and soft in the middle; it should have a slightly cracked surface like a ginger nut,  and have an even distribution of chocolate chips throughout.

It seems in the wheat-free world, this is a big ask.

I used to make these kinds of cookies when I could eat wheat and they turned out perfectly every single time, and now I just can't seem to achieve it anymore. I've tried well over a dozen recipes at this stage, and none have worked, and I've even put a considerable amount of time into studying the behaviour of certain ingredients in the cookies by altering them deliberately to see if I can predict any kind of effect: what happens if there's too much fat? What happens when there's too much sugar? What happens when the oven temperature is too low, or the cooking time too long?

At this time, I'm beginning to feel the burn of utter frustration. Part of me is thinking that maybe I'm just a perfectionist and every batch I've made so far has in actual fact been okay: they've never tasted bad, they've just never been aesthetically pleasing, or had a good texture or crumb. I have found, however, that this is a recipe that needs all spelt flour, and no substitution of cornflour. We need all the gluten we can get here without wheat, guys!

Here's a picture of my last batch:

They tasted amazing, but still didn't look right! One or two in this batch had that perfect cookie shape and cracked surface, but these were too thick. I suppose it's back to the drawing board.

Any suggestions?

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