Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween's Just Around the Corner, and Work is Killing Me

Hi all! Apologies for the lack of recipe today, but I have just been so run off my feet at work recently that I haven't had time to eat or sleep let alone cook something worthy of blogging about; having said that, I made an awesome curry for Sunday lunch.

But I will just do a little update for all who are interested. As you can all see, I've begun doing cookery videos! I'm very pleased to have finally got the bits together to do it, and now I'm looking at refining it. I also have a few interested collaboration projects in the pipeline for you all, and a few little videos in kitchen tricks, and trying out new food and recipes.

But above all this excitement, Halloween is just over two weeks away, and I'm uber excited! Halloween is my favourite celebration in the year, but I always find it difficult to afford decorations, and also not all landlords are happy with decorating the rooms. But I'll do what I can to be as Halloweeny as I can!

I just wish I didn't have to have a day job so I could do the cookery blogging and videoing all the time. But, I have food to buy and bills to pay and parents to please.

New video out on Wednesday, as usual.


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  2. Hang in there, your public can wait.


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