Monday, 28 April 2014

Spanner in the Works: White Spelt Flour No Longer Exists

First of all, thank you for coming back to my blog after Lent and Easter! The last 6 weeks have been insanely busy, but I'm glad to be back to work after the Easter holiday and I'm equally glad to be back blogging.

However, over the past weeks, I've been keeping half an eye on the local supermarkets and health food shops for the return of white spelt flour, and no joy. I also looked up on the websites of all the different suppliers of white spelt flour and they don't seem to produce it anymore. I chatted to the manager of the local health food shop and she told me that they can't get a hold of the product.

It may just be that it isn't produced at all anymore, which means wholemeal everything or finding a new wheat-flour substitute.

I bought a bag of wholemeal and am going to make some brownies with it to see what they are like. If the wholemeal is light enough that I can get away with just sieving out the bran and using it as white flour, that'll be fantastic. If I can't get away with using sieved wholemeal as white, I may need to go back to the drawing board and do some research.

But anyway, I'll have another recipe update for Thursday!

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