Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Return of Spelt Flour and Cupcakes

So I found some white spelt flour in my local health food shop, albeit for a higher price than what I'm used to. But that extra 80c was worth it because I was beginning to lose my born mind.

Recently, I've rediscovered my like of fairy cakes (cupcakes to my American/Canadian readers) since I was reminiscing over my daily lunchtime strawberry fairy cake that I used to have when I was in college. I made some lovely vanilla cakes with green vanilla icing for my Irish speaking café event yesterday, and took some photos for y'alls to see!

In my opinion it's best to make oddly coloured icing a neutral flavour, like vanilla, so the brain doesn't get seriously confused. Obviously, if your green icing is mint flavoured on top of a chocolate cake, that makes sense and it a nice compliment; but when the icing is the main feature it's best to keep it simple.

I'm getting super excited about St Patrick's Day! When I was a little girl, my mother used to bake all kinds of green things to eat on St Patrick's Day, from bread to cakes to putting food colouring in lemonade, and we used to make it was a special day for my brother, who is called Patrick.

I'm so happy to be back baking!

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