Friday, 4 August 2017

3D Teddy Bear Cake! Part II: Assembly

Following on from part one, where you made the cakes and the icing, it's time to move onto part two here we assemble the cakes, so you have something that looks like this by the end!

So, if you completed part one fully, you should now have roughly a butt-tonne of icing, two 7 inch (16 centimetre) bowl shaped cakes, one 4 inch (10 centimetre) tall round cake, and one 8 inch (20 centimetre) sandwich cake. With that, let's begin!

I thought instead of taking photos of the whole process, which sometimes can be hard to understand, I would draw a series of brightly colour coordinated diagrams in Photoshop, which took me two whole hours. To see each picture expanded, click on it.

Here are the diagrams for the Head and Body. Please click 
on the pictures to expand them.

Here is the diagram for the overall assembly.
Please click on the picture to expand it.

Here is how to assemble the overall teddy cake. Please
click on the picture to expand.

If making this cake for children, do not use cocktail sticks! Use pieces of dry spaghetti to fix the cake together. I usually do that anyway, regardless of the age group, because if someone accidentally eats one it won't do them much harm.

Now we've assembled the cake, it's time to decorate! Click here for Part III.

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