Monday, 20 June 2016

Communion Day! (I'm Getting Good at Jam and Cream Gâteaux)

Yesterday was communion day for my church youth group, and about 200 people were crammed into the church. Extra chairs had to be brought down from upstairs and everything! It was quite an amazing day. There was a big hooley afterwards with all different kinds of African food, and of course, all different kinds of cakes.

I contributed by making a lovely big cream and jam gateau, as is my usual go to for big gatherings. I seem to be getting better at them.

I also tend to fortify the whipped cream icing with cream cheese, for extra stability. I had some black icing leftover from making that Goth cake last weekend, so I used that to do the lettering.

This is only a short little blogeen, just to keep y'all updated! Life is a little hectic at the moment with work, looking for somewhere to live in Galway, and all that jazz, so my baking projects are few and far between.

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