Friday, 22 January 2016

Coffee 'Cheesecake' Gâteau

This week has been light on recipes because my oven at home has finally decided to give up the ghost. Petitions to the landlord for a replacement have been unsuccessful as of yet, and luckily enough for me my mother - whose kitchen has quite a nice oven - isn't too far away. As such, a lot of my eating of late has been stovetop based...

In better news, this is my 198th recipe, meaning that the big two-oh-oh is very nearby! I think I have something lovely planned for it, whenever it may be. This whole not having an oven thing has made baking on the regular quite a challenge.

So, this week was my brother's birthday! I cannot count (well, I probably could if I spent the time going through the list of posts) the amount of birthday cakes I've done at this point. A lot. Usually the same one every year for each family member. As convenient as that is in its predictability, it doesn't leave much room for trying something new.

This year, he asked for his two favourite cakes combined: coffee cake, and cheesecake. I decided to try and find an unusual way to mash them up.

I made two coffee sponge sandwiches as in this recipe, using 4 eggs and scaling the other ingredients up accordingly. Instead of milk, also, I used strong coffee; I split the mixture between two greased and floured 8 inch (20 centimetre) round sandwich tins. When they were baked, I drizzled them in coffee syrup, made using equal volumes of caster sugar and strong coffee, and boiled in a saucepan until slightly thickened. For this, I used 4 tablespoons each of coffee and sugar.

To add in the cheesecake element, I used a whipped cream cheese icing. I followed the same method as I did for my carrot cake with orange cream icing, replacing the caster sugar with icing sugar (for convenience's sake), the orange juice with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and leaving out the zest entirely.

I used a third of the icing to sandwich the cakes, then used the remainder to ice the cake, I sprinkled some cocoa powder in the middle to resemble a cappuccino, or to summon the image of a tiramisù to mind.

It was very tasty, and also gave me a bit of inspiration to try a new way of making chilled cheesecakes without all the fuss. I find that every time I make one new thing, it inspires a slew of new things; you gotta love creativity.

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