Friday, 27 November 2015

Sweetie Pie's Top Baking Project Suggestions for Christmas

Last year, I got so busy around Christmas time that I ended up back dating all my Christmas cooking blog posts. I felt rather silly about it, so this year I thought I'd write up a nice list of all the Christmas themed things I've done in years gone by. After all, Sweetie Pie Bakes Stuff is looking at its third year running!

Here is my selection of 15 things to try this Christmas season (mostly gingerbread themed):

1. Traditional Christmas Cake
Moist, rich, dark fruit cake spiked with golden rum and flavoured with aromatic spices and Indian black tea.

2. Gingerbread House: Part I and Part II
Go German style with an ornately decorated gingerbread house. These two posts include the designing, recipe, cooking instructions, and assembly guidelines.

3. Gingerbread Stars (Egg and Wheat Free)
Little eggless gingerbread stars (or any shape you like) decorated with royal icing.

4. Chocolate Dipped Gingerbread Teddies (Wheat Free)
For that extra special gingerbread delight, shape it like a polar bear and dip it in white chocolate; because nothing says Christmas more than eating an tiny version of a giant carnivore.

For those who are vegan or intolerant to basically everything used to make gingerbread, here is a version for you.

6. Kołaczki Mince Pies (Wheat Free)
For those of you who like mince pies, but hate the effort of making them traditionally in a muffin tin, these are made in Polish style as little fold-overs.

7. Ginger Ale (No Brewing Required)

I always associate Christmas with a nice glass of ginger ale, and so should you. Have a glass of homemade and particularly fiery ale with your dinner for a proper Christmas experience.

8. Fairy Cakes with Buttercream (Gluten-, Dairy-, and Egg Free)
For those who are vegan or intolerant to basically everything used to make cakes. Vanilla and chocolate cakes topped off with dairy-free buttercream swirls.

9. Vanilla Fondant Fancies (Wheat Free; Dairy Substitute)
Little fluffsome and dainty morsels of sponge cake, filled with buttercream and glazed in glacé icing, if rich dark fruit cake doesn't take your fancy (see what I did there).

10. Ginger Nut Biscuits (Wheat Free)
Sweet and spicy little biscuits made with mixed spices and golden syrup, that can be chewy or crunchy to your liking.

11. Viennese Whirls (Wheat Free)
Melt in the mouth buttery biscuits, like those Danish butter cookies you get from your relatives every year only nicer.

12. Chocolate Truffle Box: Dark Raspberry and Milk Orange
Moulded dark and milk chocolates with a truffle and fruit jam filling.

13. Vanilla Fudge
Rich and creamy homemade fudge that can be flavoured and decorated however you like.

14. Neapolitan Coconut Ice
Traditionally boiled coconut ice with a white, pink, and chocolate layer.

15. Chewy Caramel
Rich, buttery, and tooth destroying caramels, fit for the season.

I hope this list will serve you well over the next few weeks! Be sure to keep an eye on my upcoming 2015 Christmas creations...

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