Monday, 16 March 2015

March Afternoon Tea Party: St. Patrick's Day

I'm back! But only for a this one blog. Right after my film project (which unfortunately we'll have to extend due to a camera hiccough) my mother got ill and I've had to take on a few of her responsibilities, meaning I'm not at home half the time at the moment.

So on Saturday we had this month's afternoon tea party at the community centre, and we themed it obviously around St. Patrick's Day, meaning lots of green.

I have very fond memories on St. Patrick's Day. My older brother is called Patrick, and every year as children we'd sort in a way treat is like his second birthday: my mother would dye her usual daily bread loaf green, and make green biscuits, and we used to put green dye in lemonade; my Dad even put green dye in his lager. And to this day, even at my ripe old age of 482, I make green cakes and things for St. Patrick's Day.

Coincidentally, this month's tea party fell on the same day as Pi day, so I made a no bake key lime pie with the symbol Pi on it for added nerd factor. I also made some minty chocolate chip cookies, decorated with milk chocolate drizzle and green homemade sprinkles.

To make the key lime pie, I used the recipe available on the BBC Good Food website. However, I halved the filling quantity because I used a smaller tin, but used the same amount of biscuit base so I could make a biscuit base with sides; I also replaced digestives with gingernuts for the green-white-and-gold vibe. I decorated the top with a Pi symbol made up of green Jelly Tots.

Sorry that the photographs aren't great, and that my blog posts are sporadic at the moment, but work is work! Hopefully I'll be back to my baking self soon.

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