Friday, 20 June 2014


So yeah, Galway to Dublin!

When I returned home from Galway last week I decided that Galway is where I want to go and live my life because it is awesome! However, on making this realisation, returning home made me horrendously depressed, the kind "what is the point of being alive because I have no control of my life" kinda depressed.

So, as soon as I touched back in Limerick I started making plans to escape again, and luckily a friend in Carrick-on-Shannon provided me with that excuse by inviting me to a house warming dinner.

I planned a mini holiday around Dublin and the Midlands to visit all my friends who live in those parts, which was a lovely escape, but yesterday I hit a real crisis point where I just cried and cried and felt awful. So, I turned to my usual get-out-sad-free card: the Samaritans.

A lovely woman called Trish, having heard my whole story, suggested that I talk to myself as if I were talking to a young person in my line of work who was having the same issues. As such, I managed to clarify to myself that my home situation was abusive, and as a young professional with an income and savings I should just make a break for it and escape.

I've been looking for youth work jobs in Galway since and one has sprung up in Foróige that I will be applying for to ensure that I have a good reason to leave before I do.

This is just an update to let everyone know what's happening, and that I haven't fallen off the radar complety!

Thank you for your support,
Sweetie-Pie xx

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