Monday, 4 November 2013

Confectionary Failures and New Job (thus Temporary Pause in Blogging)!

Well, I'm back from the North in one piece! I returned last Friday, and it was a fantastic trip. Also, since returning I've acquired a new job which has six o'clock in the morning starts. At least I get paid.

But, back to baking.

Every once in a while, I get bored of the recipes I have and want to try something new, and sometimes that can be as simple as making a variation on a recipe I have already. Since my return from my travels I've been trying to make a few different kinds of fudge just to keep my culinary mind stimulated. I'm not sure why, but every batch I made failed miserably and never set.

I thought maybe it was the recipes I was using, so I went back to an old faithful recipe that always works and that didn't work either. I've been picking my brains trying to work out what has been going wrong: atmospherics? Incorrectly calibrated thermometer? Whatever it is, it's been seriously annoying me.

As such, my little baking bubble has been a little burst and I don't know what to make to get my mojo back, as I'm sick and tired of making the same old things. I think it's time to do some research....

Until I get fully settled into my new job and get used to the change in body clock I will be taking a little break from blogging. I'm not going to say exactly how long I will be gone for, but it'll certainly be less than a month.

Thanks to all my followers and readers for your patience! x

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