Monday, 2 September 2013

The Making of Videos (and Subsequent Technical Difficulties)

I've decided, after many months of umming and aahing, to make some instructional videos to accompany my blog. This is half of my new YouTube strategy, which includes one channel of cooking videos, and one channel of other endeavours such as music and filmmaking.

For years and years I've been attempting to establish an identity for myself on YouTube that I'm happy with, but I've never been truly satisfied. I'm too much of a perfectionist to just shove any old video up; it has to look and sound good. As such, I've been abstaining from uploading until I could create quality content. Also, years of struggling with illness does put a spanner in the works somewhat.

I set up my first channel in 2007, and my second channel in 2011, and the first one only has 2 public videos. It has, however, a bunch of stuff which I uploaded - pleased with it at the time - only to make private because I didn't feel it accurately represented me anymore. I've just not known what I've wanted, to be honest.

But now, I'm going to just upload stuff and not give a care. So I recorded some videos the other day... only to discover when it came to editing that the sound was almost inaudible. I'll have to do them again, again. In a way, this gives me the opportunity to fine-tune the concept I had already and do a better job of it.

So, sorry for the lack of recipe today! I haven't made anything new or interesting this week except for my sister's boyfriend's birthday cake, which I'll upload on Thursday.

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