Monday, 5 January 2015

HAPPEEEEEEEEEE NEW YEAR!!! (Christmas Recipes to be Back-Dated)

Hello all! I'm back after a very extended Christmas break!

I apologise sincerely for my lack of updating, but the good news is I did a lot of cooking over the Christmas period, including baking and confecting presents for people, and I took loads of photos. As such, I will be back-dating all my recipe blogs from today and filling in the gaps... which I know is really cheating... but I don't think it is, seeing as I was actually doing the cooking, just not writing the blogs.

Blogging these days for me is really, really difficult because where I live doesn't have internet access, and the places that do have internet access (eg. work, friends' houses, hotels, cafés etc.) I'm only in for business, meetings or family get-togethers, which are hardly appropriate times to be updating my blog. I take the photos, say to myself "when no-one's looking at work I'll do a blog!", then remember that I'd have to write it, too. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be getting internet for my house, or a nice unlimited data package for my mobile phone which I can tether to my laptop. Either way, blogs will be uploaded!

As 2015 begins, I want to thank everyone for their continuing support of my page, and celebrate the 5333 views I have as of today! It's nearly this blog's two year anniversary, and it's been wonderful to share my creativity in the kitchen with readers worldwide.

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