Monday, 9 June 2014


Just letting y'alls know I'm still in one piece!

Since I last posted, a lot has happened. I arranged to view a room in an apartment, had collected the money to put down a deposit and a month of rent, and decided eventually to meet up with my mother and eldest brother and tell them I was leaving because I was sick of their ludicrous behaviour.

(I'm so lucky they have such little interest in my blog that they've never read it and will never read it)

However, instead of being strong and sticking to my plan, I was talked back into returning to the second property and living their with my eldest brother, who is nearly 30 and a divorcee. At first what they were saying seemed reasonable, but once I had some time to reflect on it I realised that not for the first time I had been "Lynch logicked". This is basically where logic is used to rationalise emotions and is a fantastic way to coerce people and get them to change their minds.

I was disgusted with myself, and still am. I could have escaped, but didn't at the last minute. I called the landlord and told him I had changed my mind, which I now believe is one of the worst mistakes I have ever made.

Not to be too harsh on myself.

So now I've been packing my life into boxes to move into a very trapping situation which will be very difficult to leave and I have no-one to blame but myself. Pity.

But at the moment I'm preparing to head to Galway for a training summer camp run by the NYCI with my coworker. It's a workshop in applying the arts to youth work practise, and I'm doing the filmmaking module.

I'll be sure to keep you updated!

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